Hannes Thanheiser

Short Bio
Johannes „Hannes“ Thanheiser was born in 1925 in Vienna and passed away four months after shooting, at the age of 88 years, July 17th 2014 in St. Pölten. Hannes worked as an actor and musician. He worked at over 50 Film- and TVproductions and worked in the film-industry for over 35 years. Liebling was his last film.
Filmography (selection)
ALPENSAGA | Director: Dieter Berner
DAS DORF AN DER GRENZE | Director: Fritz Lehner
REVANCHE | Director: Götz Spielmann
TATORT | several episodes
LENI | Director: Leo Hiemer
NORDWAND | Director: Philipp Stölzl
ANTARES | Director: Götz Spielmann
BRAUNSCHLAG | Director: David Schalko